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Taking Child Out of State

Oct 6, 2009 ... Now if you had a job and a better lifestyle in a new area then you can petition the court to allow you to move if the dad says no. ...

Help for Learning Disabled Son

They help people find jobs or training, help with any meds or therapy that .... brains can reorganize and form new neural pathways even when we are older. ...

I Need Help... My Little Sister 16 Wants to Drop Out of Highschool

His aunt has a new car, new job and a place to live out there for him. They are talking about marriage... GOD, when did this all happen? what am I going to ...

20Yr Old Son

D.S. answers from New York on January 12 2008. i agree with pp at your son's age 20 tough love is the best approach whether or not the job he lost wouldve ...

Relationship Issue

I agree that moving back home and nobody having a job isn't the best laid plan, but be glad she wants your brother to go with her. She still wants her 'new' ...


I just lost my job today because i called out sick. ... I am a cofounder for a new networking company that specializes in natural products and travel We ...

14-Month-old and New Baby Coming Soon

Not only will the new baby be read to, but Jami will feel this is his time too. .... baby image · new jobs · baby rocking chair · rocking bassinet ...

Seeking Handyman for Odd Jobs

He has done jobs for me & many neighbors He does odd jobs small or large repairs & new construction He has a huge crew to do any job small or lage Best of ...

Mom Wants to Move

Moving is hard on everyone including the children They say it's the most stressful thing in life after death and divorce You and your husband have new jobs ...

Husband Traveling a Lot for Work

My husband recently (two months ago) took a new job which requires him to travel on business most weeks on average Mon-Thurs, although he has done one ...
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