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How Do I Help My Sick Baby....?

Jan 21, 2010 ... I also did the nose aspirator, which my kid's HATED, .... baby in the water just allow them to breathe in the steam. use a nasal aspirator ...

Newborn Nasal Congestion

She told us to put the saline drops in, use the nasal aspirator, but make sure you close the other nostril (otherwise you aren't really sucking the stuff ...

1St Cold for 1St Child

Do you use a nasal aspirator? Our daughter HATES it, but it gets some of the nasty stuff out of her nose. The humidifier will help too. ...

Is This Mucus Normal? My Doctor Blew It Off.

The absolute best thing you can do is use saline nose spray, wait about 10 minutes, then use the nasal aspirator. Do it as often as you can -- I usually do ...

Relief for Stuffy Nose

Just a note, i've read and been warned by my doctor not to use the 'bulb' or ' nasal aspirator' - or at least don't use it often as it can irritate the ...


Oct 24, 2009 ... If you plan to use one, this will save your sanity! ... When my kids were babies , I ended up with a nasal aspirator, maybe it was a wishing ...

We Have Our First Green Buggers!!

I try to get them out with the nasal aspirator and She only has a temp of 99.5. .... Use a humidifier at night and when you take your shower keep her in the ...

10 Month Old with a Constant Runny Nose

I use the Bebesounds NasalClear Nasal Aspirator. It's soooooooooo wonderful. My two year old is so used to it now that she hums along with the aspirator. ...

Congestion, Cold

Sep 17, 2009 ... Try to go easy on the nasal aspirator. Use nasal saline first then the aspirator . If you don't see anything - stop; this will also help with ...

Alyssa Has a Cold and Wont Sleep.

And lastly you can use the saline nose drops to help loosen everything up. Be careful using the nasal aspirator (aka booger sucker ;) )Using it to often can ...
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