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Creative Grandmother Names?

E.L. asks from Tallahassee

Can I have some creative grandmother names? I know my baby girl will come up with something on her own, but "Grandma" doesn't want to be called such, so any suggfest...


Grandmother Name

N.D. asks from Montgomery

I know there are many questions about grandmother names on here, but I have close to the same..My name is N., and thought about going with Kiki, or Key Key both said ...


What to Call a Grandmother

L.K. asks from Washington DC

This sounds very silly but my husband and I are having a very hard time coming up with a name for our daughter to call my mother-in-law. The problem is she doesn't wa...


Girl Names

B.B. asks from Dallas

So I'm 13 weeks pregnant, and I have 2 little girls, named Braelyn and LaWanda. We are hoping for a boy so he can be George Jr. BUT.. I know I have to think of girls ...


Unusual Names

J.W. asks from St. Louis

I am just wondering how many people out there was cursed with unusual names? My first name was Josephine Helen, had two middle names too. Clever right? I don't t...


Children's Names

N.R. asks from Detroit

Hi guys, My two boys have very popular names and I hear them everywhere! I named my son Aiden before it got popular and really loved the name, but now I hear aide...


Baby Names

J.P. asks from Salt Lake City

I know that picking a baby name is personal preference but thought I would get some opinions anyways.... Our due date is coming up in 3 weeks and we can not decide on...


Names for Grandparents

M.S. asks from Denver

Good afternoon everyone... My husband and I are having an issue with his family - in the big picture it is really small and petty, but it is causing stress right n...


What to Call "Step-Grandmother"

A.S. asks from Cincinnati

My mom has a situation. Her new husband (my step-father) has just become a grandfather in August. He divorced his wife some years ago.. and their oldest (daughter-Lid...


My Son Has Become Afraid of His Grandmother

M.B. asks from Augusta

My son has been around his grandmother pretty much every day (my mother) since he was born. He is now 5. She is 85 years old and just recently has come to live wit...

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