my baby sweats a lot

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4 Month Old Hates the Car

My baby did great until the 4 month mark too. I would try to constantly give him the .... They'll also sweat a lot more if they are crying and screaming. ...

The GI DR Thinks My Baby May Have Cystic Fibrosis or Celiac

My son was DX with CF adn it was all done off a Sweat salt test on his arm ... L ., I have Celiac and its alot to deal with to start with, but it gets easier ...

Child with Underarm Odor

She said she had been sweating a lot at school that day, due to activities, but usually no matter ... my six year old does too. Her older sister who is nine started about 8 years old. .... I am considering letting her use baby powder. ...

Baby Hair

Oct 19, 2009 ... Enjoy your baby to the fullest and don't sweat the small stuff. .... Of course in the meantime she has worn it up alot. my daughter uses ...

Baby Rash

If he is drooling a lot try wipe every so often. When my daughther got it .... ( is he sweating because he is too warm or just because he is a baby and ...

How Much Vocabulary Should a 14-Month Have?

My almost two year old little girl doesn't say a lot of words but she has her own language and .... why does my baby sweat so much · But Not Too Much ...

My Baby's 1St B-day Is Comming but Don't Know Kids to Invite.

Most of my family's is back home so even though my baby has a lot of cousins we can't ... Don't sweat it. Just having your family and a few friends is fine. ...

Britax Fabric?

The girls love them and we are getting another one for the baby once she out ... it provides is negated by the fact that it makes my daughter sweat a lot. ...


Read all 15 responses: "How warmly should I dress my baby now that it's ... He would cry a lot and I couldn't figure out why, until I noticed that his face ...

Crying It Out!! Need Advice for a Stubborn Baby!

My 8 month old had a major operation at 4 months..." ... operation at 4 months and was emotionally traumatized from it He had a lot of trouble sleeping for ...
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