my baby grunts a lot

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8 Month Old Quit Sleeping Through the Night

She mostly just stands in her crib and grunts sometimes and she's ... Another thing I noticed w/my baby boy is that giving him a bath at night is really nice. ... Right now a lot of the kids are getting patchy, itchy skin due to the ...

Breastfeeding a Gassy Baby

Read all 47 responses: "I am breastfeeding and finding that my baby is fussy ... She makes a lot of grunting noises especially at night, which of course ...

No Bowell Movements in Last 18 Hrs??

I can feel her little tummy girgeling and moving and she just grunts and crys and moans. .... I don't have any idea's to help except to let you know my baby is ..... It can be so hard for the parents, if the infant is in a lot of ...

Poopy Diaper

As a nurse in a NICU, we tell our parents if a baby grunts when he poops, ... I breastfed, my baby girl had no trouble; my sisters both formula fed and had ...

Introducing Solids to Daughter, Digestion Is Tough

He still grunts a lot but now doesn't cry which is a plus! ... I didn't start my baby on solids until 6 months. I tried rice ceral at 4 months and she got ...

We Need Sleep!

Aug 26, 2009 ... As with Katherine S we could have the same baby My little one also had acid refluxthis gave her terrible gas A lot of leg exercises during ...

Baby Babbling

My baby girl is 9 months and I had the same concern. She only razzed and was so quiet. .... Also, it's great that you are singing and talking to her a lot. ...

Baby Questions for Other Moms

Sep 28, 2009 ... Read all 21 responses: "I have a nine month old baby boy and he said ... him a lot i would always talk to my daugher when she was a baby and ...

Baby Dedication.

My sisters baby is also named josiah...My sons name Isaiah...good luck ... grunting 5-month sorry I forgot adorable.. 5-month old baby boy. ... wait until they feel ready to take the child into a place where there are a lot of people. ...

Help!!!! Baby Keeps Rolling onto Stomach During Sleep!!

I have always put my baby to sleep on his stomach because he sleeps .... They are available at Babies R Us.And many babies do grunt and roll around a lot. ...
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