my 3 month old is teething

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20 Month Old Teething

Teething has been a struggle for my now 21-month-old, and we still haven't ... ( a nurse told me this) I give 3 teething tablets & the motrin combined, ...

15 Month Old Might Be Teething, but Is MEAN!

My 15 month old boy has recently become so difficult, stubborn and mean. ... As a mom of 3, the youngest is 15mns this coming week. ...

Extremely High Fever for Teething?

I just went through this with my now 17 month old about a month ago. It started with a low fever off and ... My 3 kids never ran high fevers when teething. ...

3 Month Old Teething

3 Month Old Teething. My daughter is 3 and a half months old. I knew on Easter she was starting to teeth because we could see white spots in the middle ...

Teething Baby

I feel better knowing that my baby is normal, or at least I not the only one dealing with a teething 3 month old. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This ...

2 Month Old Already teething???????Need Advise Please.

My 3 year old will still make the facial movements of sucking while he's sleeping. ... Yep...he is teething. My three month does the exact same thing. ...


I was wondering because my 4month old acts like she is teething, ... Are you worried about the three month old? ... Could My 3-Month Old Be Teething? ...

13 Month Old Using Fingers as a Teething Ring and Leaving Marks!

Read all 4 responses: "Hi, my 13 1/2-month old has suddenly started gnawing on ... And she voluntarily gave up the pacifier a long time ago, when she was 3 ...

Breastfeeding While Teething

I'm breastfeeding my son and he is 6 months old and teething. .... I nursed my 3 year old and my 23 month old. the only suggestion I can give you, ...

8 Month Old Teething?

This sounds exactly like my 9 month old. My dad has the flu and I have just now picked it up, Im thinking she has ..... Could My 3-Month Old Be Teething? ...
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