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Need Relief for Son's Mouth

My mom used peroxide to help with the sores. There is a product called peroxyl that my dental hygenist sister recommends for sores in the mouth. ...

Hand, Foot and Mouth Diease!!

You'll know they have it because they get white sores all over their mouth and throat. It is also called the cocksocci virus (I'm not sure about the ...

Can Thrush Cause a Blister on Baby's Mouth?

If you have herpes simplex A, or he has been exposed to it, then the blisters outside of his mouth could be a cold sore. Often times, if our immune system ...

Coxsackie Virus; Remedies for Tongue Blisters?

This is an old family remedy for canker sores and mouth sores. I recently recommended it to a friend who had horrible mouth sores as a side effect from ...

Herpes/Cold Sores in Toddler!

Give him Motrin or Tylenol to ease the pain as well as ice or popsicles to soothe the sores in his mouth. Cold sores are considered to be herpes simplex, ...

Red Spots on Roof of Mouth and Tongue

Her fever broke the day after I posted and the spots and sores in her mouth immediately started to improve. The ped's suspect it was the hand, ...

Hand, Foot and Mouth

It helps to coat the mouth and they get some relief from the sores. I can't remember the doses. If you ask the pharmasist they will be able to tell you. ...

Hand Foot Mouth Disease

7-10 days from start to finish or when sores are healed on hands/feet and gone from the mouth. Both of my kids just had it. Nothing you can do but if she ...

My 15 Month Old Daughter Has Rash on Her Mouth...

Inside of her mouth on the upper lip I noticed what appeared to be canker sores( I get them all the time and have read that if a parent gets them then a ...

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

My kids didn't have the rash on their hands and feet, and neither did I, just the mouth sores, so I don't know about the aveeno. We didn't get much sleep ...
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