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Natural Cures for Postpartum Depression?

My counselor suggested that I take medication for postpartum depression. ..... center so I personally get feedback every week from Moms having mood swings. ...

Having a Hard Time with My Mood Swings

This still is not helping me with my mood swings. ... Still, it's important to discuss with your doctor in case you have severe depression, bipolar disorder ...

Mood Swings, PMS and Hot Flashes

My issues are sever mood swings and hot flashes. My mood swings happen about 2 ... When this happens our bodies show symtomps like menopause, depression, ...

Seeking Moms with Post Partum Depression

I had severe post partum depression after my son was born. I constantly was crying over ..... Help! I'm Having Horrible Mood Swings During My Period. ...

Mood Swing

Sometimes the body gets in a funk, to include mood swings and ... the darkest part of the year when many people suffer from depression or something like it. ...

Mood Swings

Read all 12 responses: "i recently got together with a guy that has 2 boys. he wanted me to get pregnant right away. well i did. now i have mood swings, ...

Natural Mood Stabilizer

i have taken st john's wort. it helps with my mood swings, but i did not find it helpful with depression. if your depression is only during the one week, ...

My Three Year Old Has Mood Swings.

Read all 6 responses: "I have a three month old, a two year old and a three and a half year old. I know all kids go through their phases and stages.

What Have Others Done About the Irrational Mood Swings of Menopause?

Read all 15 responses: "I am going through the beginnings of menopause and cannot stand the irrational bouts of anxiety and the mood swings that go with it .

Anyone's Child Ever Have Moodswings/rage as a Result of Steroid Use?

Read all 9 responses: "My 2 1/2 year old son had an alergic reaction to something and they gave him the generic form of Orapred (Prednisolone).
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