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Low Body Temperature in a Baby?

Z.D. asks from Chicago

Hi moms, Last night my almost 1 year old son had a very low body temperature. We measured using the ear thermometer, and it came up as 94.7, and rectally 94.6, and ...


Seizures Due to Illness

L.W. asks from Boston

At 18 months of age, my daughter had her 1st seizure. She is now 4 & is on Trileptal for her seizures. When she has them, its during an illness where shes been vomiti...


C-section Versus VBAC

B.G. asks from Lima

Hello all! I was wondering about your experiences with VBAC. I had a c-section with my first in May of 2007 due to complications after labor for 10 hours and pushing ...


Why Do Mothers Nurse Well After 6-8 Months?

A.G. asks from Honolulu

I've been reading some of the stories out there and I rather not respond because I want to stay respectful and not offend other mothers out there. I have decided to a...


Is Autism More Prevalent in Boys?

E.S. asks from Los Angeles

I'm pregnant with a baby girl & am scared to death of autism. It seems to be more prevalent in boys, from what I've read. Does anybody have any clue why?

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