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Heartburn or Teething?

The only way to really confirm infant reflux is an upper GI (which my son had at four months). ... Arching the back is a big sign of heartburn. ...

Seeking Advice on Dealing with Infant That Hates Her Car Seat

My baby (who just turned one) still hates the car seat and will arch her back and cling to us in order not to be put in the seat. Clearly, we are repeating ...

Silent Acid Reflux

The prebiotic I take would be conducive to an infant because it is a little powder that ... when I knew she was hungry but she arched her back and screamed, ...

Giving Infant a Solutab

Have any other mothers had to give their infant a solutab and what method ..... My daughter would cry & arch her back during feeds, regurgitate during feeds ...

Belly Sleeping Infant - Need Advice!!!

When a young infant sleeps on vinyl, it can be deadly when they are on their .... Restless and figgity when on her back? Or arching her back and screaming? ...

Infant with Acid Reflux

my daughter had this as well as an infant and outgrew it when she was one year. .... We tried Nutramigen formula which was terrible for him, so he's back to ...

Cure for Excessive Spit-up in Infant

And he would arch his back. And he cried like something hurt. .... If your infant is not fussy and does not seem bothered by the spit up, it is not usually ...

Lost Height?

Most brand name shoes (Nike, New Balance, Adidas, and so on) have much better arch support and can actually help to bring your arch back to a healthy height ...

Sleeping Question for 18 Month Old

By Car · Infant Travel Advice · Pregnancy and Travel · Traveling by Car ... and be uncomforable When my daughter had gas she would scream and arch her back ...

What causes an infant to cry while eating?

My son had it when he was an infant and was on Zantac from about 2 months until ... Does he arch his back? ... That REALLY sounds like infant reflux to me. ...
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