how to get red crayon out of carpet

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Crayon in the Dryer!

I had a red crayon end up in the wash with all of the handmade baby quilts we've received from ... ditto on going to crayola's website they tell you how to get it out. ... Not sure how well it works on clothes but this works on carpet. ...

Need HELP Getting Crayon Out of Clothes

Just last week I read on this site how to get stains out and I can't find it anywhere. ... I have had crayon on clothes, carpet, bedding, etc. ... was dark red wax. i dont remember if i got the spot out eventually or not... but the iron ...

Need Help

Just be sure to get all the water out of the carpet so you don't end up with a mildewy smell. Good luck! J. ... Ideas to Get Red Crayon Out of Beige Carpet ...

Melted Wax on My Carpet

Oct 10, 2009 ... How to Get Wax Out of Carpet ... Need Help to Clean Car Seat with Melted Crayon .... Get and give more from your Mamapedia experience ...

Need Help Getting Sidewalk Chalk Out of Clothes

Try ZOUT you get it in the grocery store it comes in a red spray bottle in .... in the Clorox2 and rubbed in it real well The crayon came out of everything ...

Crayon Melted in Dryer

I think because the crayon was red, it was extra stubborn! ... We ironed some crayon and candle waxes out of the carpet, so you might try that. ... (By the way, I'm still trying to get the crayon out of the clothes. ...

Permanent Marker Removal

does anyone know how to get permanent marker out of carpet? ... It comes in a blue can with a red circle. Helpful? .... When one of my children left a crayon in her pocket and I didnot find it until it had been through the dryer, ...

Help! a Crayon Went Through the Dryer!

Is there anything I can do to get the crayon out? ... My daughter left a red crayon in her pocket. I used WISK. .... that happened to my mom, and she sprayed a little RESOLVE carpet cleaner, dabbed it in, and let it sit over night, ...

HELP - Eyeliner on Carpet!!!

It gets everything from ink to blood out of carpets, perm marker off of white walls (without taking off ... I once spilled red nail polish on a white berber carpet. ... customer of mine was able to get out lipstick that her son embedded into the carpet!!! This removes things like grease, crayon, permanent marker, ...

Red Crayola Melted in the Dryer on an Entire Load of Laundry

Read all 10 responses: "One of my daughters had a red crayon in her pocket and ... My friend spilt red wine on a skirt and was going to throw it out and I ...
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  • brown paper bag over in 2 answers "One thing I tried when this happened to me: put a brown paper bag over the spot and ..."
  • permanent marker stains in 3 answers "I have used finger nail polish remover in many cases of permanent marker stains."
  • use rubbing alcohol in 2 answers "For the carpet stain removal solvent, use rubbing alcohol or a non-oily hairspray."
  • into the paper towel in 2 answers "This will warm the wax and PULL the wax into the paper towel."
  • iron set on low in 2 answers "... think EVERYONE has gone through this at one time or another. The iron set on low ..."