how to fix a toilet

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How to Get Mold Smell Out of Wood?

A temproary fix is to paint the inside of the cupboard with a product called .... I am going to try it in my toilet. She sprays it on the ring and lets it ...

Help with Landlord Fixing Problems

Finally, a week later, we fixed the toilet ourselves and they got their communication together and someone came out to fix the AC. Then our kitchen sink had ...

How Do You Potty Train a 3 Y/o Boy?

Sep 14, 2009 ... Does he have a potty chair or are you using the regular toilet? .... Eventually the novelty wears off...and mommy gets her chocolate fix to survive the ...

Need a Home Owners Warrenty, Any Suggestions?

For instance, they sent out a plumber to fix a leak in the guest bath in our rent house. ... The house, and that toilet, had been there since 1985. ...

Home Remedies

I have toilet and sink (same bathroom) that constantly get clogged. ... I am in an a apartment complex so it is their thing to fix. All of us had to put ...

Bed Wetting

All you can do is limit fluid intake 12 hours before bedtime and make him use the toilet If he wants tofix his problem hell let you know Until then treat it ...

Well Water Ruining My Hair!

Aug 4, 2009 ... Also if you are having toilet stains then again check your salt and ... can tell you what you need to fix it Do your research on the options ...

Potty Training Back Peddling

Oct 24, 2009 ... he had a fear of falling into the toilet that he needed reassurance ... they re mad sad and dont know how to fix this problem between mom ...

Private Septic Advice

Sep 25, 2009 ... comercials for Riddex that is what you put in our toilet (I used it once a month) ... but there is no requirement for the seller to fix it if it fails. ...

Seeking Suggestions on a 6Yr Old with Bowel Issues.

The ONLY THING that worked for her was making her sit on the toilet every .... how to fix it she really understood and even if she don't like she does it. ...
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