how many words should a 3 year old say

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What Does Your 10 Month Old Say?

My son is 16 months old and he doesn't say any words consistently. At his 15 month appointment the doctor said that he should be saying more ... I have a 2- year-old who barely talks, but she has a 3 year old sister that .... Many parents and Drs. wait and watch many times because they don't know about the program. ...

Very Verbal 3-Year-old Suddenly Stuttering!

She just can't get her words out. She'll say things like, .... Her pediatrician was not concerned and told us that many children go through this phase. ... It always passed but it clearly had to do with developing a lot more words. It should pass in a few weeks. ... My 3 year old did that too when she turned 3! ...

Preschool and Writing Words/letters

Sep 16, 2009 ... Take it from a preschool teacher of 3 year olds for 6 years to just relax ..... This is not to say not to do anything. Of course you should expose ... I am guessing that many of the kids at your son's preschool have been ...

My 3 Year Old Is a Liar!!!

Your 3 Year Old is Not a Liar That may sound kind of radical but keep ... you set as a family Many times my 6yo will say things likemommy I dont watch xy or ...

Question About Toddler Development

How many words should she be saying? Should she be identifying colors? shapes? .... 16 month old says 3 words -- both well within the "normal" range. ...

2 Year Old Vocabulary

Aug 21, 2009 ... He doesn't initiate most of these words though. I have to say, "Can you say ball ? .... My now 9 year old was close to 3 before his vocabulary was enough to .... because she didn't not have very many words in her vocabulary. ... about 24 months he should have a vocabulary of at least 12 more words. ...

Speech Problem in 3 Year Old

It says my 3 yr old nephew should have a vocabulary of 900 words and be ... is that many boys develop their verbal skills at a much slower pace than girls. ...

Baby Questions for Other Moms

Sep 28, 2009 ... I think it's pretty normal Most babies under a year old dont speak consistently if at all I didnt know anyone consistently saying words at ...

Teaching My 3 1/2 Year Old Grandson Abc's, Numbers, Colors, Etc

Teaching My 3 12 Year Old Grandson Abc's Numbers Colors Etc .... I say just read to him Follow the words with your finger as you read You can choose one ...

2 Year Old Daughter Not Talking Very Well

wouldnt worry in 3 answersI really wouldnt worry for another 69 months; when she points to things in 2 answers would .... My 2 Year Old Only Says 4 Words ...
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