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Help! My 8 Yr Old Is a "CarbKid"

No high cholesterol, not overweight. She totally loves carbs. She stays active. ... My advice have regular blood test to check cholesterol levels etc. ...

Nutritional Impact on Infant When Mom Has a Sweet Tooth

If your sugar leval is high your insolin leval is high and that is not good .... I also have had my cholesterol levels checked after eating this way for a ...

Preeclampsia and Future Heart Problems...?

... at the end of my pregnancy my blood pressure got high, higher than yours. ... it is ok for the cholesterol levels of the pregnant body to be higher than ...


Avocados are a good fruit, however, high in fat content. It's good fat, however, too much of even a ... Beta-sitosterol - lowers blood cholesterol levels. ...

Has Anyone Tried the Acai Diet?

Low carb, high protein. I have a three month old baby and I am already well below .... (It also helps cut your cholesterol levels -- which is why I did it. ...

~ Having Trouble with Insomnia

This woman did not smoke and was not overweight, her cholesterol levels were .... after dinner and before bed. you could be eating foods high in caffine or ...


They have you stay away from saturated fats, things high in sugars and fired anything ... have very low cholesterol levels and little if any heart disease). ...

Need Ideas for Carb-less Meals

Eat lots of fresh vegetables (except for high carb ones like corn, beans, and potatoes) ..... It also raise cholesterol levels because of sooooo much meat. ...

On Being Hypothyroid

My problem is now my cholesterol and blood pressure are both high and I don't know .... Every time I have a baby, my levels fluctuate and then go back to ...

Runny Nose

Oct 28, 2009 ... High Cholesterol · Incontinence · Irritable Bowel · Lyme Disease .... harder for the little guys to breath and keep their O2 levels correct. ...
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  • acai diet but i am a distributor in 2 answers "I have never tried the Acai diet but I am a distributor for Monavie a high antioxidant ..."
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