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S.L. asks from Boston

Hi, just wondering what I can do for my sister... She is on vacation and her cat has fleas. She is an outdoor cat and I already bought and put on a flea collar for ...


My Cats Have Fleas!!!!

W.H. asks from New London

My cats have fleas. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal. Frontline, vacuuming and some powder for the carpets.. but... I'm pregnant and wondering what I can do. I ...


Fleas - Help!!!

C.S. asks from San Francisco

My 15 year old cat had fleas and now our home is infested. I took my cat to the vet and bought a 6 month supply of Revolution. He has been on it for three weeks, bu...


Fleeing the Fleas

E.S. asks from New York

When I searched this site for "fleas," I got as many hits as potty training! LOL. Yes, in following up to "my cat is more work than my daughter," I had to extermin...


Fleas in Backyard

A.N. asks from San Francisco

My friend has a backyard that grows a lot of fruit trees, but every time she goes out there, she has to don on a 'wet suit' tucked in knee-high boots to avoid fleas b...


Indoor Cat with Fleas... Suggestions on Defleaing Her and House

M.M. asks from Portland

Some Siamese/pursian kittens were born at my daughers house. I got the runt female kitten. She has been only indoor cat. Somehow she got fleas. I keep using comb ...


Help with Fleas!!!

E.G. asks from Orlando

I have been battling fleas in my home for the last 2 months and I cant get rid of them. I have tried everything from the expensive capstar pills, to advantage, dog ba...


How to Get Rid of Fleas

J.H. asks from Houston

hello moms i was wondering what works best to get the fleas off my dogs?i guess it's that season for fleas because my dogs are getting them on them really bad.


Fleas!!!! Taking Over!!! Help

L.W. asks from Norfolk

I really don't want to get rid of our beloved cat Jody but she has infested our computer room with fleas... well the house really, but we bombed ($30), put powder dow...


Natural Cure for Fleas

S.S. asks from Portland

Does anyone know where I can get Boric Acid? I know that this is a natural cure for fleas and have been unable to find any. This used to be in the grocery stores. ...

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  • yes fleas can live in rugs in 2 answers "Hi, Oh yes fleas can live in rugs! Fleas can live for 110 days just about anywhere."
  • 20 mule team borax in 2 answers "I see that a few people suggested 20 Mule Team Borax."
  • need to flea bomb the house in 2 answers "If that doesn't work or it's more serious you need to flea bomb the house."
  • dawn dish liquid in 2 answers "I have also used a flea shampoo and dawn dish liquid.. now dawn has worked really ..."
  • dawn dish soap in 2 answers "Regular bathing (I second the Dawn dish soap) has been the best and least toxic control."