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Sippy Cup in Bed, Bad for Teeth??

Parents who have contacted the Jameses recount other problems associated with children of both sexes who were fed soy-based formula, including extreme ...

Play Kitchen for a Boy???

I find that offensive to both sexes. If my child played with a kitchen regardless of their sex I would most certainly buy them one. ...

Experiences with a Tubal Ligation or Vasectomy

Jan 7, 2010 ... I do not know how old you are, how many children, or do you have both sexes. I had a tubal ligation at the age of 22, and it was a huge ...

Question About Child Support.....

He left, she went through a few 'friends' of both sexes, and we got married and had children. Should my kids be penalized because his ex was a tramp? ...

4-Yr. Old Potty-training Trouble

If you ask a mother of children with both sexes almost all the time they will say it took quite a bit longer for their boys to train than their girls. ...

What to Look for in a Dog When You Have 2 School Age Children?

The sex doesn't really matter if you are getting from the pound. Both sexes get fixed before they go home. How old is the dog? Don't forget that puppies ...

Weird Question About 4 Year Olds and Boyfriends

Nov 13, 2009 ... They need to learn to be friends with both sexes but not in that way. Even a child who is thinking in terms of boy/girlfriend can think ...

Hormones in Cow's Milk

The effects I read have been - earlier periods for girls, and the extra hormones can have drastic effects on both sexes reproductive organs- i.e. future ...

How to Deal with the "Ex/my Son's Mom" Situation

It's horrible the ex is inflicting psychological warfare on her own child, but exes (of both sexes) do that. It's a sadly, horrible common and immature ...

ADHD Behavioral Issues at School Advice????

I think teachers should be required to be trained with both sexes. There just arent enough good teachers. I would ask to visit his class and see how she ...
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