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Baby Finger + Refrigerator Door

D.B. asks from Fargo

I just shut the refrigerator door with my 10 month old babes finger it. It seems to be just the pink...I iced it right away. It's swollen and reed underneath. I'm...


Son Lost Fingernail, Due to Daughter Shutting His Finger in a Door

M.Y. asks from Kalamazoo

About a week ago, my daughter shut my sons finger in the bathroom door on accident. Shortly after that I noticed that under his fingernail was all black and blue. M...


Smashed Finger

M.M. asks from Fresno

My daughter smashed her finger in the screen door last night and her finger is super purple. The whole nail and part of her finger. It looks really dark purple close ...


My Son's Finger!

P.R. asks from Austin

About a week or so ago, my son's finger was shut in the door. Of course tears were shed then, but aside from babying that hand, no mention of it. Today i noticed that...


How to Make Door Quit Locking

D.S. asks from Houston

my 3 yr old has figured out how to lock doors.he is constantly locking himself in rooms and then we have to pick the locks. right now i have all door knobs removed so...


How Do I Get These Girls Out of the Door?

H.B. asks from Pittsfield

Mornings! I know they can be frustrating for all of us. I have two girls, 6yo and 9yo. No matter how early we wake up, we can not get out of the door on time. If ...


Need Door holder-ASAP

N.R. asks from Killeen

We are looking for a door holder that will keep the door open. I don't my kids trying to close the door to their playroom. I am worried that they will get each othe...


Thumb Slammed in Door - Nail Coming off - Advice

A.C. asks from Sacramento

Hello Mamas! Well, my 4 year old got her thumb slammed in a door by another child. The skin around the cuticle is all torn up and it looks like the nail will even...


Is It EVER Ok to Tell Your Child to "Shut the F++k Up

M.K. asks from Houston

I obviously know it is not, but sometimes when my husband is very distracted or very angry he says this to my son who is 6, he has also said it to me in fron of the c...


What to Do About a Depressed, Shut-in Mom?

T.S. asks from Chicago

My family and I moved to the middle of nowhere six months ago. We have one car and my husband works an hour away. I am a stay at home mom, which means that I no longe...

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