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Ants Are Driving Me Crazy!

I find this at our local Wal-Mart or farm suppy store. .... If you have any ants under the sink or any place that you think they are gathering.... sprinkle ...

Soap for Cloth Diapers

After each change, I'd stick his butt in the bathroom sink and wash him clean ..... Also, I make a line of natural products from my farm in Cottonwood, CA. ...

Dry-erase Marker Nightmare!!!!

... Span" under the church's kitchenette sink and a scotch-brite scrubber sponge (you ... but I have seen it in some stores..places like K-Mart, Fleet Farm, ...

Healthy Breakfast

... burning to your day is to keep some hand weights by your bath sink. .... You can also use those wonderful new sandwich rounds by pepperidge farm. ...

Diaper Rash Advice

... with warm water and squirt the fecal matter off his skin into the sink. .... You can buy this at like Farm and Fleet (I'm not sure if other stores would ...

Some Ways to save Money

... agent like American Family Allstate State Farm etc These companies have no .... Water always turn it off when youre brushing your teeth fill sink with ...

STAINS, STAINS , STAINS! Can Anyone Help Me?

H.S. asks from New York

Here's what the problem is. My boyfreind is a handy guy but when it comes to cleaning, he's not so great. Whenever I go over his place to do laundry, I cringe at the ...


Advice on Middle Age Cat

S.B. asks from Denver

I've had my cat for 9 years now and up until now has been a very healthy cat, not 1 health issue. 2 Months ago we moved into the house that probably caused a great d...


Ideas for a Science Fair Project for 1St Grader

E.F. asks from La Crosse

Does anyone have any good ideas for a 1st grade level science fair project? My daughter isn't really interested in any of the ideas provided... she dares to be differ...


18 Month Old Son Just Diagnosed with Lead Poisioning "Exposure"

T.B. asks from Milwaukee

I got a letter in the mail from children's hospital saying my son had a 12 on his lead test. all the letter said was from 10 -14 was a definite lead exposure. It said...

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