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Looking for a Cure for Eye Styes

I put it on a cotton ball and set it over her eye. The styes were gone within 2 days!! We found out that there was an underlying problem - she had an inner ...

Need Referral for Pediatric Eye Doc

Read all 9 responses: "I've never taken my daughter to the eye doctor because ... Lots of children have 20/20 vision but could have problems seeing because ...

Toddler with Possible Vision Problems...

I did not know this and didn't discover my sons vision problems until he was 7 year old. I found a wonderful pediatric eye doctor who has done wonders for ...

When to Take My Baby Boy to the Eye Doctor?

Take them to an eye doctor before age 1 or earlier if you suspect something, but at least age 1, because there are some eye problems that can not be ...

Does My Son Need Glasses?

As a rule: Do NOT rely on your ped for any eye problems. Drs all have their specialities, & most Peds do not prescribe the most up to date medicines for ...

Eye Surgery???

my daughter had surgery for her lazy eye and it worked great! However, usually when kids wear glasses it is for a different problem....like nearsightedness ...

2 Year Old with "Bug" in Eye

I would make an appointment with a pediatric eye doc. They know how to handle kids and will be able to tell better what the problem is. ...

Lazy Eye

you should try an eye patch you can get them at rite aid or wal-mart my daughter has eye problems and needed to use patches just put it on her good eye and ...

Eye Rubber

I started sneezing and having eye problems and so did she... I think she'll have very similar allergies to me. I was sooo hoping she would take after my ...

Problems Eating Suddenly

All of the sudden she is having problems eating. It's like she forgot how to .... eye problems · water problems · teething and not eating · teething eating ...
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