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Seeking Pediatric Eye Doctor

My daughter saw him and his dad (office in Dallas) and they did wonders with her eye issues! She is now 19 and just wears contacts! 3900 W 15th St Ste 406 ...

Seeking Good Eye Doctor

Read all 5 responses: "Hi, Does anyone have a good eye doctor. We just moved to Louisville and are looking for a good eye doctor ... Need Contact Lens Exam ...

"Sticky" Eye

But you are always the right judge of your child and if you are really concerned then you should contact your doctor. I never even mentioned my sons eye ...

Pink Eye Won't Go Away

Read all 17 responses: "My 20 mos. old has had pink eye for a week now. ... into the fabric and toys your baby has come into contact with, includding pets! ...

Need Contact Lens Exam

Wal-mart or any store like that will do eye exams and they are cheap.... my ... I went to mine to get a contact exam because my insurance DOES pay for it ...

9 Month Old Daughter Has Lower Eyelashes Growing Inward

When she's older and if the condition persists, contact lenses can shield the eye and provide relief. Also when she's older, sometimes surgery can be ...


What is usually the most stiking with autistic kids, it's the lack of eye contact. It's more the social skills that my son has problem with. ...

Feels like There Is Always Something in My Eyes

I have always had this problem especially in my right eye. When I would wear contacts it was worse and my eyes would get dry quickly. ...

6 Month Old Stopped Babbling!

Like many have said, if she's still making eye contact/reacting to you, .... The good thing is she still has great eye contact - but you can never be too ...

Looking for Good Selection of Eyeglasses for a 1 Year Old in Denver

If Costco doesn't have enough selection - - you can try Children's Eye Physician's optical centers. ... eye contact lenses · colored contact lenses ...
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  • had clogged tear ducts in 2 answers "my son had clogged tear ducts to and his eyes were matted shut often in the mornings."
  • had a clogged tear duct in 2 answers "My oldest had a clogged tear duct as a baby and it resolved itself after a few weeks."
  • lack of eye contact in 2 answers "... is usually the most stiking with autistic kids, it's the lack of eye contact."
  • goopy eyes in 3 answers "I forget what it is about chamomile, but it's good for goopy eyes."
  • lubricating drops in 2 answers "Use some lubricating drops. The Refresh brand someone else suggested works well."