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Does Anyone Know of Dr. J. Mark Palmer, M.D., P.A. , He Is an Ear, Nose & Throat

Read all 3 responses: "Does an know of Dr. J. mark Palmer, MD, PA? He was recommended but I was wondering if anyone has heard of him."

Ear Problems, No Fluid, Pressure Problems... I Don't Know!!

if you can afford it,i would go to an ear nose and throat specialist. my little guy had a lot of problem with his ears. and after an infection, ...

Deviated Septum Causing ...ear Problems/ Sinus

I would suggest a good Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. A great one in our area is Dr. Yanakazawa (spelling is wrong) Jr. He has a great reputation and I'm ...


We like Ears Nose and Throat Associates of Waterbury. http://www.entwaterbury. com/. They are on Grandview Ave in Waterbury. I saw Dr Gotay years ago to have ...

Seeking a Good ENT Doctor in East Lansing, MI

I will give High recommondations to Mid-Michigan Ear Nose and Throat in Asher Ct . Off of Lake lansing Road. My Son has been seeing Dr. Mark Lebeda, ...

Bloody Nose

If none of these suggestions help I would definately see an Ear, Nose Throat specialist or an Allergist. But I would try these things first, so that way you ...

Baby Making a Gurgling Sound with Throat.

They should take her to an ear, nose and throat doctor. My friend's 4 year old always had breathing problems and it took years to figure out what was wrong ...

3 Mo Old Can't Breath Through Nose at Night.

I agree with the posts below: get a referral from your ped. for a GOOD ear, nose , and throat (ENT) doctor and ask about his adenoids and tonsils. ...

Ear Infection

I would take her to an Ear nose and throat specialist. ..... If I were you I would find a pediatric Ear nose and throat specialist myself, call them and see ...

Lump in My Son's Throat!

An appointment was made for him to go to a Ear Nose and Throat doc to make sure that is all it is. I don't know how common, or uncommon this is. ...
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  • just had tubes put in his ears in 2 answers "My son also went through that and we just had tubes put in his ears last week."
  • swollen lymph node in 2 answers "Chances are that the lump on your son's throat is actually a swollen lymph node."
  • ear nose and throat specialist in 2 answers "I would take her to an Ear nose and throat specialist."
  • vicks vapor rub in 2 answers "I use that Vick's Vapor Rub for Babies on my baby when he is stuffed up."
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