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Is He Ready for a "Big Boy" Bed??

We had a dog that slept in a crate and she started calling her crib a crate. We also took our kids from the cribs to full size beds, we didn't do the ...

Seeking Pet Sitter

Your dog will never be put in a kennel. The dog will be able to lounge on the couch or one of the many cozy dog beds she has laying around. ...

Bed Wetting Problem

... me it could be from dreams. eg" she sees a dog in her dream she goes pee ... I taught the boys with a smile how to wash their beds(not as a chore but as ...

Thoughts on Crating Puppy Throughout the Day? **EDITED**

Having a dog and toddler is VERy stressful However if your 7 yr old isnt ..... dogs from particular areasthe puppy still chews on the catdog beds We leave ...

We Want to Get the Kids a Puppy for Christmas!!!!

A neat way to still make it special at Christmas is to have a pup picked out to get after the Big Day, but wrap up the new puppy's things--dog bed, ...

Help with Fleas!!!

You should do the frontline solution on the dogs and have them dipped at the same time house is undergoing treatment. wash dog beds and vacuum after bombs. ...

Cat Mad at My Daughter?

Once he peed on the comforter on our king-sized bed. He also started peeing on the poor dog's bed. (We have a self-cleaning litter box so his darn box was ...

Neighbor's Cats Use Our Lawn & Garden for a Catbox!!!!

Dogs are a little easier to keep track of & to identify which dog belongs to ... around the flower beds and garden..the scent is what keeps the cats away. ...


I put plastic bags on our bed so she would not go there. ... chair (which is now ruined) and my dog's beds, which I'm buying new ones every few weeks or so. ...

Moving from Crib to Toddler Bed-what's the Plan?

*For those of you that saiddont waste your on the toddler bed we were given one for free And ..... disney crib bedding · moving to toddler bed · dog waste ...
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