does sudafed dry up breast milk

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Painful Breasts After Weaning My Baby

Aug 24, 2009 ... I just went through the same thing. I took sudafed and rubbed peppermint lotion on them - it really worked! .... Does Cabbage Really Help Dry up Your Milk? ...

What Medicine Is Safe While Breastfeeding.

I know I could take sudafed/benadryl for congestion when I got sick while pregnant however I don't know about while breast feeding. ... in mind that anything that is designed to dry up your sinuses, will tend to dry up your milk too. ...

Breastfeeding Mom

Benedryl and Sudafed. Watch out though because they could dry up your milk supply. You can always use a saline apray or neti pot. ...

Breastfeeding While Sick

As for question number two, I would think Sudafed would be ok. Helpful? ... I have a list of approved OTC meds that are safe to take while breast feeding. .... Also, IF she does get sick, breastfeeding aids in recovery for baby. ..... Any medication that helps to "dry you up" will also dry up your milk. ...

Breastfeeding and Have a Cold - Worried to Take Anything!!!! What Should I Do?

I've read if I take anything it could possible dry up my milk, ... I breast fed for 18 months and had a few really nasty colds along with unbearable allergies. .... sudafed will dry your milk i remember, but the ingredients have now ...

I'm Sick and Nursing - Can I Take Any Medication?

Does anyone know how long medication will appear in breastmilk? ... an herbal supplement to aid in milk production - don't know if that would offset the sudafed. ... or anything made to dry up will slow your milk production. ...

Questions on My Allergies and Nursing

Remember, anything that dries up your nose will also dry up your breast milk, so you can't use an anti-histamine. Hope that helps! ...

Engorgement Issues

Contrary to belief, this will assist in the drying of the breast milk. ... Didn' t your dr. give you a shot to dry up the milk? Mine did; then he put me in a ...

Safe Cold Medicines While Breastfeeding

Aug 29, 2009 ... I had to use sudafed here and there, but know that can dry up certain womens breastmilk if taken too much. Helpful? ...

Post Partum Engorgement (Not Breast Feeding)--any Other Suggestions??

The cabbage does work! I used it with my last baby and it worked great. .... Talk to your dr! there is medicine that can make your milk dry up! Helpful? ...
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