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Early Intervention for Language Development

Yes, I have had a child in EI for language development. ... I used to work in the preschool setting before I had my children and we worked with EI all the ...

16 Month Old Not Talking at All

I know it may sound funny, but sometimes sign language helps facilitate oral language development in children. Like another mom suggested, start with simple ...

Question About Toddler Development

There can be a wide range of development in early childhood I would go to the library or resale children's shop and find What to Expect The Toddler Years ...

Does Anyone Know If There Is a Support Group for Sibling of Autistic Children?

I believe that the Puentes program is the group for children with Autism. Helpful? .... children development · development children ...

13 Month Old Not Walking/sitting up by Himself

I recommend looking up the child development information on the World Health Organization website. .... children development · physical therapy jobs ...

Are Exersaucers and Jumpers Bad for My Baby's Development?

I have heard of children screaming and mothers crying in frustration or even ... and walkers and exersaucers are not good for development are because: ...

10 Week Ultrasound Shows 5 Week Development

If its a blighted ovum would development just stop, i.e. showing 5 weeks instead .... pound bigger then my other children- so I think I was right all along. ...

18 Mth Old Considered Speech/language Delayed

His speech still isn't consistent with other children his age. However, he is using several more ..... speech and language · development children ...


But please know that you may find somethings that seem like autism but are just normal development. Children who do not have autism have simliar issues to ...

What Is Expected Academically from a 2.5 Year Old Child?

Here is a FANTASTIC resource from PBS Parents that shows "widely-held expectations" for the development of children from ages 1-8: ...
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