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Seeking In-home Daycare in Lakewood or Littleton Area

Assistance with household duties: An extra helping hand with kids' laundry, ... FYI - qualistar can link you to in home day care providers and day care ...

Trouble with Transition to daycare......again

I had my kids in daycare when they were babies.. I really feel they are more social and responsive to others, because they were surrounded by 'different' ...


Aug 7, 2009 ... Are there any moms out there that have tried daycare and love it or tried it and not liked it? Also, do your kids seem to get sick more ...

Need Advice on Opening My Own Daycare.

Just wanted to let you know that I was never able to put my kids in any type of full time daycare center because I can't afford 150 a week per child. ...

Need Referals for Daycare in Olathe or Overland Park

Read all 5 responses: "I would appreciate if anyone has a great daycare ... They loosely use Montessori principals letting kids learn at thier own pace and ...

New Daycare

Sep 23, 2009 ... I have to agree with the last post kids have a good radar for stuff I have a home daycare and used to have 2 of my kids in daycare we went ...

How to handle accident at daycare when my child is injured?

I know what its like to have to put your kids in daycare, I am now lucky enough to be a stay at home mom, but I have had to deal with daycares and if you ...

Daycare Schedule

I have a small daycare and I don't have any kids untill 12:30 and lunch has ... I am saying 'if', but I did have some of my kids in daycare a few years back ...

Paid Vacation Days for In-home Daycare Providers

We started full-time daycare for two kids in Oct 2007 and since then our provider has taken 2.5 weeks of paid days off. We pay her but then have to pay ...

Daycare Lunch for a Toddler

As long as the daycare has a microwave which I'm sure they do you can pack him the same thing that you would feed him at home. I a lot of times pack my kids ...
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  • pay medical bills in 2 answers "I agree it is wonderful they offered to pay medical bills."
  • weeks paid vacation in 2 answers "After the first year that the child is in my care I get two weeks paid vacation."
  • unplanned visits in 2 answers "... a couple of days they are fine, I would definately make some unplanned visits ..."
  • they offered to pay in 2 answers "I agree it is wonderful they offered to pay medical bills."
  • charges dollars in 2 answers "In my area, the cheapest facility charges $165 a week and that does not include meals."