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Sippy Cup Recommendations

I've tried 4 different kinds of sippy cups with everything from formula/milk to water and juice. I would love to hear any tips on transitioning to sippy ...

No Milk No Egg Frosting Recipe?

cream butter and shortining. add sugar on cup at a time. add water as necessary. ... Bring several cups of water to boil in a small stockpot. ...

Tips for Transitioning from Bottle to Sippy Cup

But I offered her two sippy cups with every meal. One water and one milk. She was willing to drink the milk that way, but not if I was holding her and ...

Breast to Sippy Cup

I started my kids with a "sippy cup" of some sort by taking out the stopper and putting water in it. I let them sit on a blanket and play with it for awhile ...

Sippy Cup Advice

A sippy cup is simply a glorified bottle with a different top. Let your child learn without a filter but only fill the cup with a very small amount of water ...

Advice for Transition from Bottle to Cup

At meals and in the daytime, give her milk and water with straw or sippy cups, or just from a regular glass.At bedtime give her milk from a cup that she has ...

Bottle Vs. Sippy Cup

He is only allowed water out of the bottle, and has adjusted to that. He drinks juice (fruit and veggie) and "milk" (rice milk) out of a sippy cup or big ...

Transition to Sippy Cup

I thought that maybe a change to a sippy cup might renew her interest, but am unsure of how to transition. I've offered her water out of them before and she ...

Sippy Cup for Weaning from Breastfeeding?

While she is learning to use the cup (which will not take too long) put just a little water in it so that when she spills it is a quick and easy clean up ...

"Advice on Weaning 12 Month Old from Bottle to Cup"

She eats 3 meals a day and I give her water in a sippy cup with each meal. She dosen't love the sippy cup but will drink a little water out of it. ...
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