concerta and anger

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Is Is ADD or What?

Concerta is fast-acting and fast to leave the blood stream. ..... is very sweet and his teachers love him, however he has problems focusing and with anger. ...

Test for ADD or ADHD?

It might be depression (which in boys is usually expressed as anger/defiance). ... Concerta is the medication that the Harvard Researchers on ADD always ...

ADHD With Inattentiveness

They both suggest Concerta. I'm having a real problem trying it and would .... I 'm not sure its the meds) is that he still has trouble with anger issues. ...

Son with ADHD and Meds Not Helping!

So he has been on Concerta since this past summer, and it is still working well - however, he is on the highest dose that he can ..... Anger and Strattera ...

Any Tips on Children with ADD?

... or bursts of "reasonless" anger) That you look to her diet first. .... lbs in 1 month ,then they put him on concerta and he still doesnt eat , so i just ...

Looking for Information on ADHD / ADD Diet

Originally we had him on Concerta, but switched to Vyvanse..." ... Being senior citizens we did not need to be going to the E.R. through his anger. ...

Child Possibly Diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

I don't say I love you because this anger has noting to do with love. ...... He takes Zoloft, Abilify and Concerta...we had to go to medication and ...

Teen Mis-diagnosed with Bipolar II

I suggest getting him enrolled in an anger management class to teach him how ..... Zoloft is for his depression, Concerta is for his ADHD and Abilify is for ...

Help! My Daughter Refuses to Take Her Medicine for ADD.

Sep 17, 2009 ... side effects and it is more noticeable to them (headache/belly ache/anger). ... He did well on Adderall and Concerta. I got him in special ed on a 504 ...

Need Help Regarding Chemical Imbalance Testing

He also taught her her how to get her anger out by doing a little boxing. .... The good thing about the Concerta and drugs like it- is that it is completely ...
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