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2Nd Child

C.K. asks from Orlando

Hi all! I did a home pregnancy test yesterday because my husband insisted that my breast were getting bigger, and while he was happy about that, he was sure that I wa...


I Going Crazy! Being Called Almost Every Week....

D.M. asks from Sarasota

I have a 19 month old who was born only weighing 2pds. So she has had her share of health problems and they are getting worse. This poor child stays sick b/c we hav...


Local Hospital Experiences

K.W. asks from Tampa

We are currently nearly 10 weeks with our second child and we can't decide what hospital/dr. to go to. We were military when our son was born so we didn't have a cho...


Frustration W/ My 1St Grader

M.B. asks from Tampa

Hello, My oldest is in first grade. I have two younger, my son will be 4 next month and my baby girl is almost 18 months. I feel like pulling my hair out when it c...


Help or Advice Needed for Mom to Be with No Insurance!

R.G. asks from Tampa

HI LADIES! I am 30 and just found out last night I am going to have a baby! Although I am excited it was a complete accident! My husband and I do not insurance and ar...


What Are the Best Seats on a Plane for Young Kids?

C.W. asks from Los Angeles

I will be flying to Florida and I'm wondering what seats on the plane would be best for my family. My son will be 3 1/2 and in his own seat and my daughter will be o...


Pregnant and Needing Chiropractor Advice

M.R. asks from Fort Myers

I am 36 weeks pregnant with my first and having extreme lower back discomfort. I know that this somewhat common due to the stretching of my lower spine, however, som...


Struggling Second Grader

B.M. asks from Orlando

My second grader has been struggling with school all along, and receives extra reading help. We have always tried to do all we can to help her, but as school gets ha...


Constipation in My 14 Week Old

L.M. asks from Tampa

HI, my 14 week old little boy has had a real difficult time with his digestion. Initially, we were dealing with him spitting up constantly and now he is going 3-5 day...


I Can't Take It anymore....My Daughter Is SICK AGAIN!!!!!

V.A. asks from Miami

I know Elizabeth needs to build an immune system but she is getting sick so much from daycare and the worse part is that I can't be with her because I work. The dayc...

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  • your local health department in 4 answers "Usually your local health department will be able to help you out with this and that ..."
  • josephs womens hospital in 3 answers "They advised me to have my child at St. Joseph's Women's Hospital in Tampa."
  • dark karo syrup in 2 answers "For such a young baby, you can give dark karo syrup diluted in distilled water."
  • horrible lower back pain in 2 answers "... 35 pregnant with my third, and have experienced horrible lower back pain ..."
  • giving away maternity clothes in 2 answers "You can always find someone giving away maternity clothes and baby items since those ..."