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Getting a Pet

There are so many varieties of cats and dogs that don't shed as much and are less allergenic. Both our cats are short-haired and our dog is a whippet who ...

How Do I Clean My Couches? They Smell like Dog! Ew!

I do rescue.....lots of dogs, cats and teens......Odo-ban from Sam's does the trick on the smell like nothing I have ever friends in rescue ...

I Want My Cats!

I have a nine month old with 2 cats, 3 dogs, and 3 goats. Luckily I have a husband that shares the responsibility of taking care of them and loving them. ...

Cats Spraying

There are some products out there to repel both dogs and cats. They do not smell very good, but they do work. The one I am currently using has to be applied ...

Arizona and Asthma

My niece has cats and dogs, and the poor thing now has an almost permanent cough . Dust, pets, some houseplants, some of the more heavily perfumed candles, ...

Cat Poop Problem

Sep 18, 2009 ... Cats and dogs when they are not routinely dewormed and are not on a flea preventative are at a greater risk in harboring diseases that can ...

What to Do About the Neighborhood Cats?

Apr 18, 2009 ... If it were dogs there would be no contraversey over trying nicely to keep them out. It would be looked at as a safetly issue. Same with cats ...

My Newly-pregnant Daughter Needs to Give Away Cats - URGENT!

If the cats are healthy, there's no reason to get rid of them, especially if ... in children that have had exposure to cats and dogs before the age of two. ...

Cheap Rabies Vaccinations

I know dogs and cats are both supposed to be registered in the city, so I would think that the rabies vaccine would be available for cats, too. ...

Need Ideas on What to Do with Cat While on Vacation!

I know they have boarding for dogs where they let them out and let them play with other dogs but wasn't sure if there was anything like this for cats. ...
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