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How to cat proof my cats from my child?

We also have a cat (and a dog) and my husband built a "screen door" on the outside of her room, painted it white, put a latch on the outside and it is great ...

What to Do About the Neighborhood Cats?

Apr 18, 2009 ... If it were dogs there would be no contraversey over trying nicely to keep them out. It would be looked at as a safetly issue. Same with cats ...

Dog Snapped, What to Do??

They are fine together there is no safety issue at all between the dogs the cats the bunny the fish. they have their pecking order they know where the line ...

Concerned About Cats & Germs

We have 3 cats and 1 dog right now. Indoor cats don't bring in as many things as outside/indoor cats. I always worried more about the kids hurting the cats ...

Dogs, Cats, and Young Children

Read all 33 responses: "So I will try to make this very long story into a shorter one. We have a 2-yr old and 4-yr-old. So at the beginning of the summer we ...

Dogs Owners

Overall, a large & small animal vets (one that does horses and cows as well as dogs & cats) tend to be much, much less expensive and often provide the ...

Cat Mad at My Daughter?

My cat reacts the same way. She dosen't mind the baby so much (although she is only 3 weeks old) but she never forgave us for getting the dog. ...

How to remove cat urine smell on carpet?

I had a similar problem and this worked great for me at getting out both cat urine and dog vomit. Also...try Woolite OxyClean carpet cleaner. ...

How to Tell If a Child Is Allergic to Cats?

Apr 23, 2009 ... Most people I know with cat/dog allergies sneeze, itch, have watery eyes, scratchy throat...Also, right now the tree pollen count in Puget ...

Dog Died Unexpectedly How Do I Tell My 4 Year Old

Also, we made up stories of what she was doing in heaven- chasing cats, sniffing around God's garden, keeping God company. Our dog lost the use of her legs, ...
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