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Cleaning / Deodorizing Pack N Play

I would definitely not dry-clean unless you are using a "green" cleaner. ... Car wash. I took a high chair there once, and a couple of other things for the ...

Car Sick Toddler?

Car Sick Toddler? Hi Moms, My toddler is 2 1/2. Lately he will tell me that ... that worked for their children. and good tricks on cleaning up his car seat, ...

Smelly Car

Just look in the phone book under car detailing or car wash. .... You will easily spend that on air fresheners and cleaning products (that won't work. ...

Sour Milk in Car Carpet

Also, clean out your car the best you can and leave the windows completely rolled down whenever it is in your garage. Eventually the smell will leave. ...

Deordorizing & Cleaning Stuffed Animal Lovey

One for car, daycare, home, and extra in case one was lost. It was wonderful to have different ones, ... Oxy Clean may work as well. similar to Baking Soda. ...

Help! I Have a Mouse/rat in My Car :(

Read all 7 responses: "I took my car to the shop and saw a mouse/rat scurrying ... while people were here cleaning up tree debris from the storm last week. ...

How to Clean Microsuede Couch

I was wondering if anyone knew how I can clean it without making the ... I've used RESOLVE and also upholstery cleaner meant for my car on my cushions. ...

Getting Rid of Vomit Smell in Car

We were up in the mountains and weren't able to "clean" the mess up until we got home on Sunday morning. The car fortunately has leather seats, ...

Smelly Car

I had nothing on me to clean the car I took the car the next day to the local car wash and they did a full upholstery cleaning while my mom stayed in the ...

What to Do If Car Breaks Down?

Your car could have something silly that you could fix if you can do simple checks for different things. Maybe a spark plug needs cleaning. ...
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