can i give my 1 year old cough medicine

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Severe Cough

I'm not a big fan of children's medicine but can't seem to think of anything else as I've ... a box with a school bus on it and you have to sign for it and give your license number in Ma. ... My 8 Month Old Son Has a Very Nasty Cough So I Gave Him Albuterol Liquid Is That ... 2 1/2 Year Old Coughs Only Late Night. ...

Vitamins and My Nine Year Old Son

Sep 16, 2009 ... If you take some medications on an empty stomach it can give you a stomach ache. .... At least my husband is. The amount of medicine your ex gives your son is overkill. ... I'm an adult and I often have to take only 1/2 a dose of my medications at a time ..... Next question: Mom Needing Cough Relief ...

2 Year Old with Allergies Waking up Coughing

I would be concerned with that amount of medicine in a 2 yr old. .... I cannot remember the name or if they would give it to the little ones but it is the only .... I assumed my 3 year old just had a recurring cold this past fall. ... I don 't know one in your area. They can do some basic allergy testing at this age ...

Help!!!! How Do I Get a 2 Year Old to Take Augmentin?

Read all 11 responses: "I have a two year old that will not take her Augmentin. ... mrsa and pregnancy · can i give my 1 year old cough medicine ...

4 1/2 Yr Old Still Has Chronic Cough

Sep 29, 2009 ... My child still takes Advair but I can take him off it from time to time. ... by sitting for an hour or so. give her the concoction with a medicine syringe. .... Need Help with 2 1/2 Year Old Coughing So Much He Throws Up ...

2 Year Old with a Cough

My 3 year old caught a cough, but it had not really gone away after 5-6 weeks ... I hate to give anyone medicine, but in this case it really saved the day ... Coughing can be a symptom of allergies, so I'd investigate that--either food or environmental ... We give him 1 teaspoon every 4 hours, per the pediatrician. ...

Baby with Terrible cough..need Help!!

Just get cough medicine for infants and follow the instructions, ... There are LOTS AND LOTS of things you can give a 1-year-old for a cough. .... I have a 13 month old baby girl with a very bad cough and my pediatrician send her to a ...

Painful Cough...

Besides ibuprofen is there anything else I can give him or do? ... I always give it to my kids about 1 1/2 hours before their bedtime so it has time to work. .... should help with chest and potential strep as well as cough medicine (which I never did end up giving). ... What Do I Do for My 3 Year Old's Stuffy Nose? ...

21 Month Has a Cold What Is Safe?

Our pediatrician gave us samples of prescription cold/cough medicine as well as .... Takes the cough away. Just did this 2 nights ago with my little one and it took ... Also ask if there is something like Benadryl that you can give to slow down the post nasel drip. ... What Do I Do for My 3 Year Old's Stuffy Nose? ...

Daughter Coughing (Not a Bark) More Frequently, No Fever...

Sep 2, 2009 ... I am doing the same thing and so is my 4 year old daughter I have ... call the doc and see what you can give her Hope she gets better soon ...
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