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2 1/2 Year Old Sleep Issues After Taking Pacifiers Away

Jun 29, 2009 ... My son voluntarily gave up his pacifiers at 3-1/2, and it was two weeks ... Looking for Advise on Which Pacifier to Buy for Breastfeeding ...

Breaking the Binki!!

She is old enough to want things Is there a toy that she really wants If so let her go to the store and buy the toy by paying the cashier with her pacifiers ...

Should I Buy a New Bottle Sterilizer???

If so would you buy a new sterilizer or just use the AVENT one? ... some room for your clothes too! lol It also works great on small toys, pacifiers etc. ...

Pacifier Rash

I think it is from her pacifier, but it seems to get better. ... enzymes and stuff in his drool. he suggested that we buy the eucerin ointment and put that ...

Giving up the Pacifier

My son just loves his pacifier. He is 2.5 years old and since he was 1 ONLY uses it ... We did thebuy a big boy toy with your pacis approach and it worked ...

Tips on Breaking the Pacifier Habit

She did not lose the teeth and she threw out the pacifier on her 3rd birthday. My son just kept losing his and after awhile I quit buying them, ...

I Have a Pacifier Addict, Please Help.

We weren't buying any new ones either. We started telling him about the Pacifier Fairy (s/he only comes when you're ready, you put all the pacifiers in a ...

Sleep Training and Pacifiers

The main problem is his pacifier addiction and the need to still be. ... I wasn' t going to go buy new ones that night, so I just told her they were all gone ...


Breaking her pacifier only got her upset and we ended up buying her new ones. I couldn't explain to her a "pacifier fairy" or a sticker program, ...
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