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Thanksgiving Recipes

asparagus - pan fried with butter (olive oil can be used) and capers, and a splash of lemon at the end - if you are not sure about capers - try slivered ...

Trying to Branch Out in Veggie Area

Zucchini is good cut up raw in salads or in other dishes, or cooked by slicing it in a pan with butter or oil and adding garlic salt and just lightly ...

18 Months Needs More Calories!

Oct 23, 2009 ... And olive oil, coconut oil and butter are valuable foods for every stage of life . Additionally, they are delicious on vegetables and whole ...

Cracked and Bleeding Mouth

Most of you recommended OLIVE OIL, Burt's Bees, udder butter, or Lanolin... I'm starting with the olive oil, because I have some in the house. ...

Peanut Allergy

She seems to be allergic to peanut butter vs. peanut oil (we've been eating at chinese restaurants since she was a baby and no reactions there). ...

My Rings Stuck

Without getting all worked up (it will cause your heart to race and thus increase blood flow, increasing finger size), try getting it off with butter, oil, ...

How to deal with painful stretch marks during pregnancy?

The best products would be the natural oils like cocoa, olive, and apricot oil. Shea butter also works well. When you have the baby look for products ...

18 Month Old Needs to Gain Weight

She suggested that a good way to add calories is to put butter or oil on anything-- butter up the veggies, pasta, and even fruit. Also, you can use things ...

Cooking for Kids

Your main seasonings are butter, olive oil, and salt. My son's first favorite recipe involved bread crumbs. Your daughter will love helping you with this: ...

Have an Awesome Recipe for Enchiladas? Please Share!

(Sautéing the onion in margarine, butter or oil makes the enchiladas too greasy. The boiling can be done in the microwave.) 3.) After draining the onions, ...
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