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Do I Really Need to Wait 6 Weeks Postpartum to Take a Bath???

Oct 26, 2009 ... I have a jacuzzi bath tub and wanted to take a bubble bath. Does anyone know why the drs office says..."

2 Year Old and Bath Time

Crayola makes these, too, and they're found in the bubble bath secion, as well. When wet, they can be used to draw on tub and tile surfaces, and they clean ...

Bleach in Baby’s Bath?????

Oct 22, 2009 ... Use Lavendar Oil in the bath water. A few drops of Lavendar Oil by ... tub to make "bubbles" and a a sort of bubble bath and then wash your ...

UTI / VCUG For 11 Month Old

I'm 41 and when I was a kid, bubble bath was known for causing UTI's in girls so we've ... I remember very clearly having a UTI as a kid from bubble bath! ...

Challenges at Bath Time

I also have tried bubble bath which has helped @ times and just letting them be in the tub to play with the water but not making them wash at all for a ...

Hating Bath Time

Have you tried maybe asking her if she wants to take a toy in the bath with her? or if that doesn't work maybe getting in a bubble bath with her. ...

9.5 Month Old Suddenly Afraid of the Bath

Try a bubble bath. Too many and she's at a risk for UTI, but if it'll get her in the tub... Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Baby's Legs Turn Bright Red in Bath

Are you guys using a new bubble bath? My girls, when they were much younger had a similar reaction to a new bubble gum scented bubble bath. ...

Help with Bathtime

Sep 5, 2009 ... I too have a 23 month old and she absolutely LOVES taking a bath She started to not be too interested in baths and then we bought bubble ...

My Daughter Hates Taking a Bath.

special toys, bubble bath (not too often for a girl though), those soap crayons, soap fingerpaints.. and just muddle through.. My son hated baths for the ...
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