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Burn Calories While Pumping

I had the same problem with my daughter and I pumped for 5 months. Yes you burn calories the same as breastfeeding because it is the milk production process ...

How Soon Can You Start Pumping?

You should be able to start pumping right away. Your lactation counselor will help with that. You will of course, have to initally breastfeed to get the ...

Blood in Pumping Horns

the only time I had bleeding while breastfeeding or pumping was because I had ... I had the same thing when I was breastfeeding. You are basically pumping ...

How Do You Breastfeed If You Are Going Back to Work?

Read all 10 responses: "Hi moms, I was wondering how do you breastfeed if you ... I know I just never felt comfortable pumping at work, but that is just me. ...

Breastfeeding and Going Back to Wrk

I've been advised by her pedi to breastfeed on demand, but she eats EVERY HOUR around..." ... breastfeeding formula · breastfeeding pumping ...

10 Day Work Trip - How to Manage Breastfeeding???

I have really cranked up the pumping and have been able to add to the ... I am going to keep pumping like it is my job. .... Breastfeeding and Pumping ...


Read all 16 responses: "Hi ladies, I am having a bit of trouble with my breast pump. It seems that I can't get very much milk expressed with it.

How to unclogged a milk duct while breastfeeding?

Read all 18 responses: "So I've had a rough time with breastfeeding my son ... I took a dose before bedtime after a warm shower and a pumping and woke up ...

Want to Breastfeed but Only Want to Pump and Feed with Bottle. Advise?

I switched from breastfeeding to pumping after 2 months b/c I had to have surgery. Pumping was a little easier, but almost MORE demanding on my time since I ...


So after 2 months of struggling with her, pumping and trying many different things to get her back to breastfeeding I just got rid of the bottles and ...
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