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Should I Give My 4 Month Old Baby Water?

Jul 2, 2009 ... Babies get enough water from breast milk or formula, giving an infant additional water to drink causes infant water intoxication by diluting ...

Re-heating Frozen Breast Milk

To warm breast milk, run lukewarm tap water over the bottle of milk or place it in a bowl of warm water. This will take the chill off the milk. ...

Increasing Breast Milk Supply

Oct 19, 2009 ... YES breastmilk is much better for him, but formula isn't bad for him. .... Another thing that seems to help is if I drink a TON of water! ...


Breastmilk. thank you everyone for your replies . im so happy to know there is .... Drink ALOT of water and don't cut calories (even though it may be ...

Question About Cleaning Bottles of Breastmilk

My daughter gets 2 bottles of breast milk each day since I returned to work. Right now I soak them in warm soapy water. Is that good enough? ...

Pumping Breastmilk

Make sure you are hydrated and drink lots of water. It isn't that water = more breastmilk, but the chemical process of making breastmilk in your body can ...

Not Enough Breastmilk!

Oatmeal, water, and cut back on what you are supplementing. Leave him on the breast for at .... Next question: How Can I Increase My Breastmilk Production? ...

Breastmilk Supply Question

How is it that you "know" your breastmilk supply is not enough? Also make sure you are drinking enough water as well, and eating enough/healthily. ...

How to Increase Milk Supply

If you enterin breast milk increase on your search engine, ... drink lots of water and a beer a day. I know that sounds retarded but that is what my dr told ...

Mixing Breast Milk with Formula

So I was wondering can we and how do we mix pumped breastmilk and formula together. Do we treat the milk like the water and add formula to it or does that ...
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