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What Is the Best Way to Teach Reading?

You start reading the book to her and point to each word as you read (read pretty slowly so she can keep up with your finger). When you get to the word I in ...

Need Book Suggestions for Kindergarten-age Girl

My daughter who is in kindergarten loves the Rainbow Magic series of chapter books by Daisy Meadows. Reading these books to her has really expanded her ...

Book Recommendations for an 11 Year Old Girl

She asked me yesterday to take her shopping for some interesting books to read. Can anyone recommend some good books (or authors) for her age group ...

Good Books for 5- and 10-Year-olds

Read all 12 responses: "Hi, I was looking for suggestions on good books to give as gifts to a ... What Are Some Good Books to Read to 8 Yr Old Daughter? ...

Pregnancy/baby Reading Material

Read all 15 responses: "My best girlfriend is about 2 months along and I was hoping to get some suggestions on the books you ladies found most helpful and ...

Books for 1St Grader

Read all 41 responses: "What are some good books or series of books for a first ... Also, something to remember when selecting books is that reading has two ...

Good Labor and Delivery Books for Future Dad

I gave my husband several books to read while I was pregnant, and this is the only one he read cover-to-cover. I think I ordered it from Amazon, ...

How to Help My Child (4-Year-old) to Start "Reading"?

They come in boxes of 12 but they are very simple to read books. ... My daughter was "reading" books at the age of 3.. she really had just memorized the ...

Interesting Books for 5Th Grader

My 11 year old daughter just started reading books more on her reading ... This year she also read one of R.L. Stine's books and was very surprised and ...

Book Suggestions for 4 Year Old

I just started reading chapter books to my two sons at bedtime too. .... My sons first chapter book I read him was A Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe. ...
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