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Sleeping Issues When Pregnant

I found it at It is called back n belly body pillow. It costs $69.99, but it is worth every penny! My husband tried to fight me for it! ...

Body Pains - Result of Carrying Kids Too Much?

(I've purchased a new extra support pillow for my neck, ... I have the same issues if I do not do a full body workout at least once a week. ...

7 Months Pregnant. How Can I Sleep!?!

yeah that part sucks!!! i had a body pillow that i used under my head and behind my back then other pillows between my legs and under my belly. my friend ...

Sleeping with Siblings

Have you tried a body pillow maybe it will help make her feel someone else is sleeping with her Or perhaps a pillow that has a story to tellmusic to hear ...

Pinched Nerve & Pregnancy

If you lay on the left side you can laythe right arm over a body pillow or along your side with a pillow between the arm and your body. ...

How to Remove Body Odor from Clothes

Read all 16 responses: "Does anyone know how to remove body odor from clothes? ... I put all of my white tee shirts (yellow/gray armpits and all), pillow ...

Swollen Ankles Are an Understatement

I folded over a body pillow (pregnancy type) and put it behind my back against the headboard. 5. Just remember, all that water will be gone within 72 hours ...

Groin Pain

Try propping pillows behind your back or use a chair with a back arch to it (for example look at the IKEA ... total body pillow · inner thigh exercises ...

Late Pregnancy Sleep Issues

I lie on my left side with a body pillow but can never seem to catch my breath. I do seem to get a little bit congested when I lie down as well which isn't ...

I Cannot Sleep Help!

Have you tried a body pillow? I couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep without one ... I have to agree with Jennifer, a body pillow worked great for me. ...
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