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Low Iron Level in My 17 Month Old Daughter.

Anyway, to find out the iron level in the blood, you have to do a .... The doctor mentioned to us the importance of iron, not just in the blood but in bone ...

Constant Dizziness

I also had very low blood pressure... sometimes 50/90. Just make sure to take your prenatal vitamins (for the iron) and don't get up very fast or move your ...

Iron Supp, Help!

It's also great with a few raisins mixed in too, which have iron also. I learned this wonderful fact from a nurse when I was donating blood! ...

Baby Has Low Iron Level

A blood test revealed that my 3 month old son has an iron deficiency (His level is 9.5) We've started giving him poly-vi-sol with iron. I'm worried. ...

Blood in Baby's Stool

I guess they thought he was straining too much when he was pooping and causing blood. Too much Iron in your diet will do this too. Good Luck! Helpful? ...

Extremely Worn Out/tired During Period

I had my blood checked for iron deficiency since that is common when there is a loss of blood. I was severely anemic. I have to take iron supplements daily ...

Anemia and Headache

I have combination of Thalacymia Minor (type of inherited anemia) and iron deficiency; my blood does not absorb iron the way it should. ...

I Am Pregnant, Cold All the Time and Have Low Blood Pressure

So I would take an iron supplement {it won't hurt anything, as long as you only take as many as the box says}. Other than that, some ppl just have low blood ...

High Levels of Lead in Babies Blood

when i took my son to our WIC appt in june for his one year visit they did a blood test on him and they said that his iron was low and that his lead level ...

Seeking Advice to Boost My Toddlers Iron Intake

Was the iron test just the finger prick test or an actual blood draw? My daughter had one that came back low (got me very concerned, and was giving her ...
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  • can buy a lead tester kit in 2 answers "You can buy a lead tester kit at the hardware store if you want to try to do some ..."
  • dark leafy greens in 3 answers "... stopping the iron supplement and increasing her intake of dark leafy greens ..."
  • black strap molasses in 4 answers "Black strap molasses!!! Full of iron , calcium, copper and potassium."
  • list of iron rich foods in 2 answers "Go to you'll find a very extensive list of iron rich foods!"
  • green leafy vegetables in 3 answers "such as beans, dark green leafy vegetables, flaxseed, etc."