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4 Year Old Bag Lady

She even puts the bag in the bed with her, covers it up and sleeps with it all night. She shakes and cries if I have to wash something in her bag. ...

Day Bed/Twin Bedding Differences

The day bed doesn't have a box spring so it is a different length from the ground than a twin bed. I would look in the catalog for a bed in a bag that is ...

My Daughter Refuses to Go to Bed...

But if you give in to such compromises as having your child camp out in a chair or sleeping bag next to your bed, you'll never solve the problem. ...

Bed Bugs???

If it's bed bugs, then you got me on that one. Good luck and God bless. ... Wash all bedding, and bag up any stuffed animals in a plastic bag tied tight! ...

7 Year Old That Will Not Sleep in His Own Bed

When my sons got so big that it became uncomfortable to have them in my bed, I simply set up a new, special, "big boy" sleeping bag on the floor next to my ...

Toys to Play with While in Bed

You could even cut some holes in cardboard and have a bean bag toss from the bed ...I guess you'd be the one retrieving them. Good luck and much patience to ...

Is It Normal for My Son to Want to Sleep with Me

We allowed them to come in if scared and sleep on a sleeping bag "next to the bed" then after first night you move the bad closer to your door, ...

Big Girl Bed

We made a big deal about her big girl bed and she just came along for the ride. Now she picks between her toddler bed and a Tinkerbell sleeping bag with a ...

Bed Wetting

It was 2nd or third grade before he could really quit wetting the bed. I simply would put a trash bag or some plastic with a heavy towel under the sheet to ...

Seeking a Bed Rail That Fits a Twin Bed with No Box Springs

Aug 10, 2009 ... I have the bed bug bumpers and I love them. I use them in my 2 year old's bed and have for ... They are so compact they fit in a duffel bag. ...
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