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Need New Bank, Have Had It with B of A

I can also tell you our experience at a not go with them. They have messed up our account so bad that a little over $1000 is missing from ...


FIRST: Call your bank and explain the situation to them. Most banks have a fraud department. They will issue new account numbers, new debit card numbers, ...

Looking for a New Bank.

They charged us an overdraft fee for a transaction that posted AFTER the bank had money in the account (so in other words they looked at the day the ...

Gift Card Problems w/Target and Visa Bank Cards - Beware

At least those, you could deposit in your bank account. Good luck! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. K. answers from Indianapolis ...

Just Received a Court Summons

Yes, they can levy your bank account and when they do, anything that is in your .... Close your bank account and open one in a completely different bank. ...

Doing Business as Account

I set up a DBA account at my bank (Chase). I didn't go in prepared with anything apart from the business name I wanted to use, and they were very helpful ...

Banking Debaucle

I look at my bank account and pending payments every single day. I used to go over and now, I keep really good track and never go over. ...

Where to Get My Change Counted...

After it is rolled, we deposit it into daughter's bank account. This activity was helpful for our daughter (now 13) with counting money. ...

Husband Has a Gambling Problem-need Advice!

Open a bank account in only your name and use that account to pay bills. You could give him an 'allowance' in your joint account that he can use for his ...

Borrowing from Piggy Banks....

Go to the bank and open a bank account for your children. .... My husband and I are going to open a savings account at our bank and this will keep me from ...
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