baby urinating a lot

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Bladder Infection

The only time I've ever urinated blood was when I had kidney stones. .... nights in the hospital to monitor the baby while they did IV antibiotics. .... I used to have that happen alot. Take your meds and drink as much water as you can. ...

Virus/Coughing In Pregnancy

I think my biggest fear is hurting my baby or my pregnancy in some way. .... that I was urinating on myself because that far along, you don't have a lot of ...

17 Month Old Fever and Lethargic, Getting More Worried, Any Ideas?

Alot of fluids should help him. My guess would be an ear infection maybe. ... (1 ) make sure he is still urinating (2) make sure that the inside of his mough ...

Urinary Tract Infection What Can I Do???

Adoption · Baby Names · Baby Shower · Bringing Baby Home · In the Womb ... I heard cranberry juice is a great helper so stop the burning when urinating. ... Drinking alot of cranberry juice and eating some yogurt may help. ... Cranberry juice drink alot of it. Also drinking it on a reg basis helps keeps you healthy ...

Does My Toddler Have a Drinking Problem? :)

Peeing a lot is not a problem, well, for anyone but the person who is spending 4hrs ... Sometimes some of the symptoms are excessive drinking and urinating. ...

FTM Seeking Advice from Others About Trouble with Baby BM

I take a supplement called Probiotics which helps out a lot. You can also get them and give them to your baby too, and they're 100% safe! ...

6 Week Old Daughter Having a BM Once a Week

But, my, when she did have one, it was a lot! I wouldn't worry about it :). Helpful? ..... As long as your baby is urinating well enough, the articles said, ...

4 Year Old with Bladder Infection?

I am thinking that she just needed a bath, we have a new baby and things are a little chaotic! ... Push her to drink a lot of water as this will help too. ..... Hi M.- I know this sounds silly, but if she has pain while urinating. ...

How to deal with cat peeing on floor?

Did she start after the new baby? Did you change her food? I have a kitty that urinates on the rug in the bathroom; but I am contributing to the fact that ...

Dogs and New Babies - Need Advice!!

Read all 24 responses: "Our baby boy is almost 10 weeks old. ... NEED ADVICE Dog Lifting His Leg and Urinating on Things in the House ...
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