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Seeking Advice Re: 7-Month Old Who Scratches

She only scratched her own head when tired or nursing. She is now 8 months and has grown out ... She scratches behind her ears so I use Aveeno baby shampoo. ...

I Have a 4 Month Old Baby with Eczema

My son came out scratching!!! In fact we don't have any baby, baby pictures of him without scratch marks on his face and head. I did not breast feed and ...

Three-year-old Scratching Others

It started out directed mainly at his sister, but now he scratches. ... like biting scratching and hitting She suggests you watch out for the clues to head ...

Biting, Pinching and Scratching

Sep 23, 2009 ... It's sad that when he's upset and wants to bury his little head in my legs, .... He probably would appreciate it if you weaned your baby and put him in his ...

Itchy Head

Borage for baby Dry Skin Therapy by Shikai You may be able to find at .... bed with mittens on trying to keep me from scratching while I slept it didnt help ...

Am I over Reacting??

When I picked her up yesterday not only did she have that scratch but she also had another scratch .... why does my baby scratch his head · Park Glen ...

7 1/2 Month Old Scratching Inner Ears, Drawing Blood

He may be scratching at his ears because he's teething. In the mean time, make sure his nails are clipped short and put him to bed with baby mittens or with ...

Face Rash on 4 Month Old.

The Dr. said it was "normal" for a baby. I began investigating on my own and .... because my son has scratched his head so much at times that he has cut it. ... He scratched so much when I would pick him up he'd scratch me if he ...

Dog Scratching Door at Night

May 28, 2009 ... Preschool & Head Start · Public vs. Private · Readiness to Start · School Lunch ... But 2 wks ago he started scratching at the door ALL NIGHT. .... The baby goes 'nite-nite' with us and sleeps on our bed until morning. ...

Baby Helmet?????

Just a few days ago I was looking through my Family Fun Magazine and I saw a baby helmet that was designed to protect your child's head while learning to ...
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