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Safe Baby Hair Gel

Read all 10 responses: "Hi Mamas Does anyone have any suggestions for a completely safe hair styling gel for babies under 1 year of age?. My baby has a ton ...

Benefiber Safe for Toddlers

Is benefiber safe for toddlers? I have tried, fresh fruits, prune juice and ... a hard stool sometimes we thought it was change from baby food to reg. food, ...

Is Taking a "Z Pack" Antibiotic Safe While Nursing?

My dr prescribed z pack and told me it was safe to take and that it wont have any effects on my baby. Anyone have any experience with this? ...

Steam Carpet Cleaning and New Baby

Read all 7 responses: "Hello there, we are thinking to clean our carpet prior our baby to go home. is Steam Cleaning safe for babies??"

Need Suggestions for Best Top of Stairs Baby Gate

I need help finding a baby gate to put at the top of my stair case. ... The only gate I have been able to find, that is rated safe for the top of the stairs ...

Baby Orajel Tooth & Gum Cleanser

We bought the baby orajel tooth & gum cleanser and my question is - is this safe and ok to use? the container says safe to swallow and fluoride free. ...

How Safe Are Cruises for 11 Month Old?

Everyone says Cozumel is very safe. We will only be there for less than 8 hours( if that). She has been a very healthy baby. She is up to date on her shots. ...

2D Baby After Having a C-section

So do your homework find out EVERYTHING you can do to keep you and your baby safe. Then relax follow your heart and have faith. ...

Is Thuja Occidentalis Safe While Breast Feeding?

Now that I've had the baby I'd like to try to get rid of them again. ... Yes, Thuja 30C is safe while breastfeeding. Thuja is one of the most common ...

Any Recommendations for Safety Gates

Any Recommendations for Safety Gates. I have a ten month old baby girl and she will be crawling around a lot faster - any day now. I live in a split level ...
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