baby pulls off while breastfeeding

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Still Sore When Breast Feeding My 3 Month Old

Is anyone out there still sore while breastfeeding? ... I was still sore off and on with my youngest baby at 3 months. ... and then realize he felt different and pull off. we did this for awhile and sometimes i would try to take it off ...

Biting During Nursing

While a lot of experts will say to take the baby off the breast and firmly .... Then slide your finger along baby's mouth to pull your nipple out and gently ...

Biting During Nursing, Slow Let down Reflex, and Decreased Supply--help!

Nap while baby naps, its still ok to do, especially if you are trying to help supply. .... If he bites sharply tell him "No" and pull him off. ...

Extreme Fussiness When Breastfeeding on Left Breast

Sep 1, 2009 ... Does your baby act this way when you put her to your left breast first .... in public because of her pulling offyelling and squriminglike it ...

I'm Not Ready to Wean Him!

Your baby may breastfeed better if you offer the breast while walking. ... If baby is distracted and pulling off frequently, either try breastfeeding in a ...

Breastfeeding Clothing

Sep 22, 2009 ... My baby is almost 7 months now and I have to admit that I am regretting not buying more nice shirts to wear while breastfeeding because OH ...

2 Month Old Getting Upset at Breast Feeding.

Jun 29, 2009 ... FWIW, my OALD doesn't mean that milk sprays out if I pull baby off. It stops when he stops, but letdown is quick & big. ...


Aug 7, 2009 ... I would involuntarily flinch and sayOuch I would pull him away from my breast .... breastfeeding baby biting · biting while breastfeeding ...

Baby Keeps Scratching Ear

He just likes to scratch his ear while breastfeeding mostly. ... My baby pulls and rubs his ears when he is getting ready to cut a tooth on that side. .... breastfeeding my 8 month old so I'm just doing acupuncture to take the edge off. ...

Painful Breastfeeding/need Advice

I bought it at WalMart in the baby section. It allows you to gently pull the nipple ... but those you have to take off and rinse yourself before you feed. .... check with your pediatrician or ob/gyn re supplements while you are nursing . ...
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