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3Rd baby...Should I Already Be Showing??

Dont worry just means its a healthy baby making progress :) My son ended up being 21 3/4 long and 7 lbs 5 ounces. good luck and God Bless! Helpful? ...

Homemade Baby Food

I breast fed my daughter up until a couple of weeks ago, and at 4 months I started making her baby food. I recommend the book Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron . ...

Twelve Year Old Still Has All of His Baby Teeth

Nov 6, 2009 ... My son is 9 (oct 28th) and still has all but 2 of his baby teeth. the top ones .... baby making · baby teeth · making baby · one year baby ...

Explaining to an 18 Month Old That Mommy Is Having a Baby

Any advice on how to explain to my son that he is going to have a baby brother. ... as in "only mommy or daddy take care of him/her" while making him feel ...

Making My Stepson Feel Included

His son also has aa new baby sister and..." ... Making My Stepson Feel Included. My husband and I are having our first child together. My husband has a 5 ...

My Baby Cries When I Try to Breastfeed

If it is a supply issue making your baby fussy contact your local La Leche League for support. Good luck! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report ...

Should I be worry that my baby measured small during ultrasound?

What that means is that the baby may not be getting all the proper nutrition from you, and is making the baby a little on the small side. ...

Need Tips on Making Formula in Batches and Mixing Formula with Playtex Drop Ins

Read all 8 responses: "Need some tips on making formula in batches or mixing formula with the ... Hope this helps and congrats on your baby boy! Helpful? ...

Making Love with My Daughter Father

Making Love with My Daughter Father. I really want a son by him should I trap ... Never trap a guy....he might resent you and the baby and then where would ...

2 1/2 Month Old - Breastmilk Making Him Sick???

In regards to your baby, perhaps it is something in your diet that is making your baby gassy? I recently discovered that dairy was causing major acid reflux ...
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