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My Little Girl HATES Rice Cereal!

I first started with sweet potatoes and I am moving on to squash. I have been making her baby food and freezing it in ice cube trays. ...

First Baby Teeth Coming in Crooked

Read all 9 responses: "My one-year old is finally teething but his bottom teeth are coming in crooked. They are V shaped with the angle pointing in.

New to the Area and Am Expecting My First Baby.

Read all 9 responses: "Hello.. My name is D. and I am new to Mckinney. I am 19, and just moved here from California. I just got married to my husband Vince, ...

Am I Close to Delivery - or Am I Just Getting My Hopes Up

I have quite a few friends whose second baby was more overdue than their first. Don't get discouraged if you are still waiting 2 weeks from now, ...

Need Song Ideas for Daughter's First Invite Dvd Montage

Songs to Use in DVD Video of Baby's First Year · 26 · Looking for Sweet Songs Written About or to Children, Especially Little Boys ...

Advise on Keeping My Thoughts to Myself

This is a really tough situation because you are right During children's first few years bonding with the parent is crucial Do you have the baby because the ...

Feeling Baby Move..

How far along were you when you first felt the baby move? ... I felt the first baby around 18 weeks and the second at 11. Helpful? ...

1St Birthday Gift for Our One Year Old Son!

happy birthday in 3 answersHappy Birthday to your son first birthday is very ... ect at his baby well checks a letter from you and your husband on the first ...

Where to Go for Baby's First Shoes?

Where to Go for Baby's First Shoes. Hi theremy son has just started walking and I want to get him fitted for his first pair of walking shoes Can anyone ...

Helicopter Mom??

i say it is your baby and you can do what you want to with him make sure to ..... a little older when you have your firstespecially if you wanted a baby for ...
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  • dont worry about what your friend in 2 answers "... are happy and you seem to get along well then don't worry about what your friend ..."
  • sounds like your body in 2 answers "... 14 mo apart so I know how you feel chasing your son. It sounds like your body ..."
  • hated rice cereal in 2 answers "My daughter is just over 6 months. She hated rice cereal from the get go."
  • its much tastier in 2 answers "Try barley cereal , it's much tastier and easy on the stomach."
  • talk to your partner in 2 answers "... this way had she been taking her baby to a day care. Talk to your partner ..."