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Placement of Both Toddler and Newborn Car Seats in Car

I was always told never to put a baby seat in the center. If for some reason the seat came detached during a crash there is nothing in front of that car ...

Ideas for Swaddling in Car Seat

It has two "legs" rather than the sack style and is meant to work with car seat harnesses. Baby gets harnessed in and the "wings" then fold over, ...

Car Seat/ Stroller Combo Suggestions

I could buy them separate but i'd like the combo so i don't have to move baby from car seat carrier to stroller when leaving the car. ...

Who's Tried to Skip the Infant Carrier Car Seat?

I plan on getting the new true fit car seat for my new baby. ... I didn't do this, but my son did hate the car seat so I wound up carrying him in a baby ...

Advice on Infant Car Seat That You Love

Advice on Infant Car Seat That You Love. I am about to have a fourth baby and I want to get my baby a new seat. I have been looking at the Britax Companion, ...

Storage for Strollers, Carseats, Activity Toys

Our sons closet is filling very quickly with the two infant carseats ( one for .... I had a large shower with lots of baby stuff and as my son out grew the ...

Car Seat, CARES, or Lap Belt for 2 Yr Old on Long Flight?

Oct 15, 2009 ... It is true that the baby is used to it (mine is anyways) but they will not want to sit in the car seat for the entire duration of the flight ...

Help with Infant Car Seat

Look on the back of the car seat there is an expiration date. ..... safest baby car seats · travel with an infant · music quotes · health and safety ...

Car Seat Placement

Read all 15 responses: "I have a rear facing car seat and assumed the best place for ... I recomend this more than any other baby gear product I ever used. ...

Car Seat Suggestions for 9 Month Old

Sep 25, 2009 ... My children are finally out of carseats and have moved on to ... I've had lots of Graco brand baby stuff for Max and we've liked it all. ...
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