baby burp cloths

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bumGenius Cloth Diapers?

Read all 12 responses: "Has anyone used the bumGenius cloth diapers? ... We use bum genius but only when others are watching the baby because they are ... making a diaper cake and add onsies, burp cloths, toys, personalized items, ect. ...

What to Register for at Baby Shower

I'm having my first baby. Anything you had that you couldn't live without that I should register for? I've heard to get terrycloth diapers instead of burp ...

How to Manage a Toddler and Newborn

Also, involve her in the care of the new baby. She can "help" by bringing you a diaper, burp cloth, etc. When baby goes down for a nap have some mommy & me ...

What Does One Need for a New Baby Born Close to His Sibling?

I had to front carry with the Ergo or sling until the baby got 4 months but after that .... You'll always need diapers, wipes, socks, onesies, burp cloths. ...

What Age Should My Baby Walk

I know my 6 year old would LOVE to have a baby in the house just so he could ... a diaper cake and add onsies, burp cloths, toys, personalized items, ect. ...

Need EASY but Adorable Sewing Ideas for Baby

Big, double-thickness flannel baby blankets are easy and always appreciated. ... I hated those flannel burp cloths. They're cute but my boys spit up way, ...

My Baby Is Eating Her Crib!

My son did this too when he was a baby. I bought a Gummi crib rail through .... a diaper cake and add onsies, burp cloths, toys, personalized items, ect. ...

Best Baby Shower Gift You Received

on them to make stylish burp cloths. She tied them together with a toole bow and a cute little plastic baby bracelet--I really loved this one AND people ...

Mommy and Baby Products

Burp cloths, baby spoons, onesis (sp?) (3 different sizes)... the simple things! I was constantly changing my own shirt for spit-ups. Sure wish I'd had an ...

Baby Shower Games

We had everyone use permanent fabric markers (buy at any craft store) to decorate burp cloths (buy plain cloth diaper style ones) and/or baby washcloths. ...
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